The Condemned

The Condemned

This is where you can follow my crazy adventures as I document what has been left behind as well as street art, urban culture, underground fashion or what ever other random shit I find. You can also visit my main website here.

Another Illegal Underground Culture

The CityPosted by Roy Aug 04, 2009 02:08AM
Tonight I ventured into the Stockholm suburbs where their is a very organized street racing scene with about 30 very serious drivers. The races are quick and far between because of constant police intervention. The 30 somewhat race cars plus entourage drive in a huge convoys from stretch to stretch blocking the police while two cars race, then they all go to the next straight away which was a very interesting method. The police never gave up but at the same time they were totally helpless. We were able to make our way to two of the three stretches they raced on during the evening.
These races are quite often and attract pretty large crowds which make it even harder for police to get through and stop them once they have shut down the freeway with a few hundred spectator cars which all drive off at the same time once the racers are gone and moving off to the next meeting point. All in all yet another strange and illegal underground culture.

A very sweet Pontiac Firebird, 1 of 30 racers

changing to slicks before 1st race.

one of three straights

a few clips from the evenings races.

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A warm place

The CityPosted by Roy Jul 07, 2009 02:46PM

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The CityPosted by Roy Jul 06, 2009 06:08PM

Nice and high and far apart
Just like they said
I built this place with broken parts
Just like they said
You chip away the old version of you
You'd be surprised at what you can do
I'm safe in here
Just like they said

My voice just echoes off these walls


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Back to Stockholm

The CityPosted by Roy Jul 06, 2009 12:54PM
Back in Stockholm after 8 days of Berlin, The last few days consisted of a lot of crazy clubs and galleries where you had to check cameras in so no images were taken unfortunately. Until the next adventure.

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16 hours and random turn of events

The CityPosted by Roy Jul 03, 2009 05:18PM
Last night was just one of those nights where so much interesting and cool things happen that it almost feels kind of surrealistic, it was such a series of randomly synchronized events it makes it hard to remember everything that really happened since new recollections keep presenting themselves after the fact.

But I guess I can say it started at a friends place over dinner. The plan was to eat and then go to The Berlin Staatsballett for the last performance before closing for a few years of renovation. Our good family friends have been working with the Staatsballett for over 30 years and I was given an amazing full back stage tour, met the dancers saw the incredible show full of betrayal, lust, jealousy, and incest all conveyed through an amazing choreographed performance with 90 dancers and what better to call it then Das Flammende Herz. The show was totally spectaular with the worlds most accompished ballett dancers, great costumes and fantasticaly sculpted bodies.

Das Flammende Herz back stage starting of act 2.
The venue

So after the amazing two hour show I was invited to celebrate the evening with the full troop and selected guests to a great party with live musicians and nice festive atmosphere in the 200 year old marble entry of the Staatsballett. All in all it was quite the surprise and an incredible thing to experience. After a few hours mingling about it was time to meet up with my other evening plans and it was time to say thank you and goodbye, I'll be sure to come back when it opens again and see another show.

So straight from the grand party out into the streets of Berlin I met up with Walle and we were on the move to the Masqurade

Along the way we picked up a bit of an entourage of random people including a few Danish designers, some Germans locals including Fabian who seemed to be connected to everything somehow and a few other random souls. The party was kind of dead in a run down industrial house in the middle of kind of nowhere so we marched through East Berlin and stopped in at KW instead to have a bratwurst and a beer, talked some shit, laugh hard and then it was time to move on. The Danish Duo left as did the Berliners, Fabian went to Vice but gave us his passes to Bar Tausend before departing.

Tausend was a posh place thriving with people and hip hop music under a strange bridge. The only way in was with the vip card that Fabian had given us. Inside we ran into some Swede's as usual, some SNS crew and others. We swung around a few minutes, took in the sights got bored and moved on.

So we are on the street again, its 4:17 am and we are on our way to Club Astra with a taxi to see Boyznoise and Crookers and a bunch of crazy raving Germans, just another stop along the way of a long night.

The heavy electro takes us into the dawning morning, we dance, we laugh some more, get some photos and then we leave.

As we climb the fence from suicide circus the sunrises over Berlin and we make our way to the U-bahn. We talk to young adults leaving the clubs after entire night of partying and they are going to work and school, no one seems to be going home, which was just mind boggling at that point. 6:00 am and they are eating a hungover breakfast on the subway getting ready for class.

<just a bizarre sequence of random met single serving friends and interesting locations in Berlin>

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Never ceases to surprise me...

The CityPosted by Roy Jul 02, 2009 02:39PM
So Swedes get around this is true but it just never ceases to surprise me when I travel that I run into friends and acquaintances from Sweden, Take for example this fellow here. Mr. Johan who I studied with for two years at Forsbergs, what are the odds that I would run into him at a Kebab stand in the middle of East Berlin at 4 am? I guess pretty good since it happened.

So not only was that strange enough, today I got an email from my Cousins and Aunt whom I haven't seen in years from California stating they were also in Berlin and wanted to meet up. Does everyone go to Berlin or what? I even found Satan chilling on a street corner smoking a cigarette and philosophizing the meaning again.

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fashion week, NIN, and skanks

The CityPosted by Roy Jul 01, 2009 02:33PM
Berlin is a crazy city, seems most everything happens here and seems lots of people come here to do just about anything. Yesterday was the sort of pre-opening of the fashion week at a run down but cool little boutique with a DJ spinning and a bit of mingle. One of the previewed designers which I liked a lot was Wendy&Jim from Vienna (pictured below).


After the mingle was time for the nights headliner. Made my way over and through some interesting abandon industry areas now used as squat houses for homeless which divides east Berlin and we got to a large industrial hanger type arena which was just perfect to see the Nine Inch Nails (wave goodbye) concert at. It was a great show and they played everything from the Pretty Hate Machine album all the way up to The Slip and was great to see 20 years of their work all in one show.

crazy tattooed skin head looking guy who was just dancing dancing and dancing.

then after the concert we ran into a variety of people during the evening and visited a strange mix of places where we mostly sat in a corner kind of in a horribly shocked way. One thing was for sure, a lot of people come to Berlin to just say who gives a fuck and get completely smashed and high and then just end up where ever they end up. So far since we've been here we have run into other Swede's, Canadian's, American's and other Germans who just come to Berlin to loose ambition and go wild.

This place reminded me of the song Date Rape by Sublime where this could have definitely been a bar in down town hell with its eerie red lighting, black pimps dressed in colorful jackets with hats and super fucked up tourists girls just throwing themselves and random sketchy looking guys.
to sum it all up we didn't stay to long as it was kind of creepy. Just another night in Berlin.

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Too Much

The CityPosted by Roy Jun 30, 2009 02:02PM
Always funny to see people sleeping in bars. Especially right after this guy woke up and walked out another guy sat down and fell asleep in the same chair.

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Berlin Cock Fight

The CityPosted by Roy Jun 29, 2009 08:18PM

An awesome mural painted freehand with spray paint in a back ally of East Berlin. Approx. 2.4 meters tall

Artist: Unknown

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Night Art and Architecture

The CityPosted by Roy Jun 29, 2009 11:36AM

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