The Condemned

The Condemned

This is where you can follow my crazy adventures as I document what has been left behind as well as street art, urban culture, underground fashion or what ever other random shit I find. You can also visit my main website here.

Day 6: Santa Fe

AmerikaPosted by Roy Aug 21, 2011 05:32PM

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Day 4: San Francisco

AmerikaPosted by Roy Aug 19, 2011 06:00PM

So I spent day 4 driving around shooting city footage of San Francisco which was great, I could totally see living here, great city. In the evening I even had a chance to meet my awesome aunts and cousin who is making a name for him self here in SF as a photographer as well, check out his stuff at, we had a great dinner and was fun catching up. Today is our last day in SF, tomorrow off to New Mexico.

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Day 3: San Jose

AmerikaPosted by Roy Aug 19, 2011 05:50PM

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Day 2: Boston Out

AmerikaPosted by Roy Aug 16, 2011 01:26AM

Northeastern University
After a long work day at two locations we came to realize our car had been towed so we had to go on a mission to rescue it.
got our ride back.
still raining so we went and got some take was really tasty. Tomorrow we head onward to San Diego. 5 am flight out of Logan International.

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Day 1: Boston Landing

AmerikaPosted by Roy Aug 15, 2011 04:57AM

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Check out the Project blog

ArtPosted by Roy Jul 09, 2011 12:29AM

So we have been in Berlin for almost two weeks now and it has been just an insane trip. Such a great experience and so many awesome connections made. Check in on our project blog and see what we have been up to, today we were almost arrested so it hasn't been dull that's for sure!

The link is

Spread it around and help build the momentum of this project, Monday night we get home to Stockholm were we will start the editing process of over 500 gigs of material spread over 15 interviews and lots of city shots. It's going to be awesome!

Enjoy this for now and check back at reversible for future updates around the Berlin Documentary.

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Berlin: Day 5

The CityPosted by Roy Jul 02, 2011 11:16AM
So we're on our 5th day now in Berlin and time has just been flying by, 7 interviews in the bag, a tour of Kreuzberg with Addison and a Gallery opening at Two Window Project is just the half of it. Over the next 8 days we have so much booked it will be interesting to see just how we get it all done in time, I never really anticipated the level of interest we would have when we hit the ground here and started networking. It has been amazing and everyone has been so helpful and willing.
We got some cool people lined up next week so I will be happy to update on the run as soon as we can, now we are off to a live mural painting at Club Maria.

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Berlin: Day 2

FilmPosted by Roy Jun 30, 2011 11:14AM
So yesterday was our second day here in Berlin and we already have met so many talented and interesting people. The day started with an small adventure in itself while we walked across the city from Alexanderplatz down into the heart of Kreuzberg to meet up with the talented Irish painter Alana Richards. We sat and talked about Berlins art scene and hype for a few hours in her awesome studio surrounded by her amazing oil paintings in progress.

After wrapping and saying goodbye to Alana it was time to grab a quick and delicious Dönner Kebab before we jumped on the tram back to Oranienburgerstraße and the famous Tacheles Kunsthaus to meet Bellarusian painter Alexander Rodin. Alexander is a bit of a legend in the area has been working from his large studio on the top floor of Tacheles since 2002. The vast scale and detail in his paintings just leaves you a bit baffled when you walk around his space with classic checkered floors and vaulted ceilings. We sat and talked with Alexander about the great inspiration and energy of Berlin and his battle to keep Tacheles alive as its under attack by a banking firm and the city to be demolished. After our chat we hung out for a bit while he painted and watched the steady stream of tourist coming in to browse his paintings.

Then it was time to get going again as we had a final interview booked with Jürgen Schwämmle on the other side of the city in Hermannplatz. So we jumped on the tram again for a quick trip back towards Kreuzberg again. We arrived at Jürgen's great studio space and shared a beer and some idle chat while we explored his awesome internet based/inspired collages. He went on to tell us about his travels and how Berlin stacked up against other large cities of the world with emphasis how the ugliness in architecture of cities like Berlin and Los Angeles were a key point of inspiration for him. We had a good discussion to round it off about Berlins political climate and how it was affecting the artists and the city.

At this point it was 10 pm and we had been running back and forth all over the city for a good 11 hours. Being physically exhausted we grab a few taxi's and shuttled ourselves back to the apartment to celebrate a great day with fabulous company. Today we re-energize and take vacation, tomorrow is a new day with new adventures planned. stay tuned, for now cheers!

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Berlin: Day 1

The CityPosted by Roy Jun 28, 2011 08:56AM

So here we are, back in Berlin and just a stones throw from Alexanderplatz, couldn't be better. Today we have two interviews booked in as a large art show opening featuring over 80 artists in one massive building. It's a great start to a two week stay.

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Equipment Test

FilmPosted by Roy Jun 14, 2011 07:47PM
So we are testing some gear for a possible up coming project. Here is a quick clip straight from the camera at Grönalund in Stockholm.

More to come.

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