The Condemned

The Condemned

This is where you can follow my crazy adventures as I document what has been left behind as well as street art, urban culture, underground fashion or what ever other random shit I find. You can also visit my main website here.

The Boston Nutshell

AmerikaPosted by Roy Dec 01, 2008 08:39PM
Well then it was time to wrap Boston up with a collection of pictures to showcase an interesting week abroad. Next stop Los Angeles and Southern California but in the mean time enjoy these.

Blog ImageArrivalBlog ImageRandom guy full frontal.Blog ImageRandom Guy with pants on.Blog ImageWe Sell Guns!Blog ImageSneaking into a collage bash, only to sneak out again. Blog ImageSideburns Blog ImageLaundryBlog ImageEspionage. Blog ImageMy Taxi Driver had to take a leak. He left the car running though at least.Blog Image Arrival

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