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The Condemned

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Another Illegal Underground Culture

The CityPosted by Roy Aug 04, 2009 02:08AM
Tonight I ventured into the Stockholm suburbs where their is a very organized street racing scene with about 30 very serious drivers. The races are quick and far between because of constant police intervention. The 30 somewhat race cars plus entourage drive in a huge convoys from stretch to stretch blocking the police while two cars race, then they all go to the next straight away which was a very interesting method. The police never gave up but at the same time they were totally helpless. We were able to make our way to two of the three stretches they raced on during the evening.
These races are quite often and attract pretty large crowds which make it even harder for police to get through and stop them once they have shut down the freeway with a few hundred spectator cars which all drive off at the same time once the racers are gone and moving off to the next meeting point. All in all yet another strange and illegal underground culture.

A very sweet Pontiac Firebird, 1 of 30 racers

changing to slicks before 1st race.

one of three straights

a few clips from the evenings races.

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