The Condemned

The Condemned

This is where you can follow my crazy adventures as I document what has been left behind as well as street art, urban culture, underground fashion or what ever other random shit I find. You can also visit my main website here.

In loving memory of Thelma Rossovich

AmerikaPosted by Roy Feb 04, 2009 07:34PM


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Fill in only if you are not real

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Posted by aunt melaie Aug 19, 2011 09:43PM

I miss you mom, every single day! xoxo Mellie

Posted by Moi Feb 13, 2009 09:05AM

In i det sista som du berätta ;)

Min farmor hatar att bli fotad men jag tror att hon skulle ha gillat det om hon fick en sån här fin bild. Kram

Posted by Aunt Niene Feb 05, 2009 08:41PM

Sweet photo of Grandma................ Thanks Roy for a wonderful memory of my "mama" Aunt Niene

Posted by Emmalou Feb 05, 2009 04:47PM

Roy and Family, I am so sorry, her memory will live on in your hearts forever!


Posted by Hampus Feb 04, 2009 10:56PM

Härlig bild, på härlig dam. Hoppas hon fick det bra tills hon somnade in!